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The Mountbatten Institute - New York MBA Programme
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St Mary's University, Twickenham

As an integral part of the year of Practical Training in either New York or London, St. Mary's University, Twickenham, provide two qualifications to augment the work-experience programme of the Mountbatten Institute. These qualifications are:

  • The Masters of Business Administration in International Business Practice (MBA), and
  • The Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice (PGC)

Both of these qualifications are delivered and administered by St Mary's University, Twickenham, which has been granted degree awarding powers by the Privy Council on the recommendation of the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). The QAA is the government supervised organisation that gives its seal of approval to all higher education courses and programmes in the UK.

Both programmes are taught through evening and weekend classes in London and New York during the training year. PGC students complete their qualification with three courses taken during their training year. MBA students complete five courses during their practical training year followed by extended fieldwork in the Asia Pacific Region, based in Bangkok, Thailand.


This is a cutting-edge MBA, delivered and awarded by St. Mary's University, Twickenham, for those who aspire to careers in global management. The degree is designed for the aspiring manager of international business concerns and for those who are interested in seeing beyond their present career choices, or current workplace, and exploring the international dimensions of business practice.

A wise career choice

The MBA in International Business Practice allows you to begin the degree while living and working abroad. It is structured to allow you to integrate your studies with the practical experience of your employment. The case-book study, which is so typical of the traditional MBA degree, is shifted from textbook to workplace. You will have ample opportunity during the year of MBA study to research your company, or your industry, in light of the business and management theories which you will be learning. The skills and knowledge acquired during the year of work and study will then culminate with full-time fieldwork in international business, based in Bangkok, Thailand, giving you the opportunity to test theories and analyse ideas in a global context.

Hone your skills and acquire unique insights

A key objective of the MBA in International Business Practice is to enable you to develop your skills in analysis, problem solving and decision making. With your internship training and the work environment of New York as the backdrop, you will analyze lessons and experiences and engage in discussion with peers drawn from across the international business landscape, guided by a team of distinguished teachers and lecturers. The curriculum in your first year will cover the basic areas of international business and management along with the background necessary for you to engage in research. Your international fieldwork residency in Bangkok will enable you to engage in empirical research, applying your skills to problem solving in a global context.

America and Asia can be your finishing school

With the MBA in International Business Practice the interconnectedness of the global economy will become much more than newspaper or magazine headlines. The international dimensions of your internship will be subject to critical analysis during your year of work/study. Your fieldwork in Asia will give you the opportunity to reflect on the region’s economies and business practices drawing on your own experiences in the UK and elsewhere. Your dissertation will showcase your knowledge and insights in an international perspective. In Bangkok, candidates will attend regional seminars organised and delivered by St Mary's staff and have the opportunity to visit business centers in India, Singapore, Hong Kong or China as part of their dissertation research.*

* Please note that St Mary's University, Twickenham, reserves the right to relocate the MBA to an alternate Asian centre in the event of any commonly recognised force majeure, including natural disaster and major political or social upheaval.

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